Eusébio +10: procura-se campeonato

sexta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2006

procura-se campeonato

To all European football teams and federations,

Football team actually located in Lisbon, Portugal, is currently seeking competitive and respected championships in which it could participate.

With over one hundred years of experience, our team has a long tradition of success. Two titles of European Champion, thirty-one National Championships and twenty-four National Cups speak for itself. Also, we were one of the best four teams of last year’s Champions League. Our team includes several Portuguese, Brazilian, Italian, Greek and Mexican internationals. Our players and technical staff are strongly committed to play an exciting and offensive football and we pledge to honor Fair-Play. Attention: our players do not dive or roll-over.

We offer a state of the art of stadium with a capacity of 60,000. Excellent accessibilities and accommodations, with airport and practice pitches located within a 10 minute drive. Exciting tourist attractions including the largest indoor shopping mall in the Iberic Peninsula, a medieval castle, warm sandy beaches, fine cuisine, and electrifying night life.

We currently have the largest number of member fans of any sport, with a worldwide distribution ranging from New Jersey to Sydney, promising our adversaries sold-out events and increased revenues.

We will give preference to competitive championships that are not managed or controlled by suspected criminals married with former prostitutes.

Please contact us if you have any questions and feel free to consult the following references: Manchester United, Liverpool.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica

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2 comentários:

Diogo disse...

Esta fez-me rir a bom rir. Mas concordo plenamente. Se eu quisesse ir ao circo encontrava muitos nas areas circundantes da capital. Dos irmaos Chen 'a cambada lagartica e' so' artistas circenses.

Se calhar a ideia do Vale Tudo de inscrever o Benfica na Premiership nao era tao descabida... ;)

Nuno disse...

Concordo em absoluto. Está na altura de libertarmos o Benfica dos constrangimentos daquele bocado de terra encravado entre a Espanha e o Atlântico. Venha de lá o grito da Vitória (tipo grito do Ipiranga, quando o GRANDE Brasil também se libertou do mesmo bocado de terra...)